How to write a 10 page paper

How to Write a 10 Page Paper in 24 hours?

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How to Write a 10 Page Research Paper:

Students in colleges and universities and colleges are asked to write a research paper. When it comes to a long research paper, there is only one question that comes to the student mind “How to write a 10-page paper? Research writing requires a high level of vocabulary. Similarly, students must not ignore the length of each section. Each section must have appropriate paragraphs as asked by the professor. Moreover, do some research before writing and do not copy-paste.

Sections of 10 Page Research Paper:

Below are the important parts of the 10-page essay that must be kept in mind before starting your essay.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Introduction (2 Paragraphs):

As it is a 10-page essay you must write 2 paragraphs about the introduction of your topics. In most cases, the Abstract is a compulsory part of a research paper. Your first paragraph must be about the research question. Similarly, paragraph 2 should explain your approach to answer these questions. Also, give two sentences to the summary of your main arguments.

Body (18 Paragraphs):

This is the most crucial part of your research paper. Go as beyond as you can. Explain as much as you can. In often cases, you can be asked to include a Literature Review of the topic. Give 8 paragraphs to the literature review and then write an analysis. In Analysis explain your own review and find. It should contain your thinking about the problem and then use scholarly references to strengthen your views. In a simple 10-page research paper, each paragraph starts with a specific thesis statement and then you continue the same patterns for all paragraphs. But simply divide your body into paragraphs making it easier to understand.

Conclusion (2 Paragraphs):

The first paragraph supports your thesis statements and provides finishing statements to your thesis. The second paragraph explains why this issue is important and how the storyline you provided helps in understanding this issue. In the end, don’t forget to add references and cite them. Citations Style

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