How long should an essay be?

How Long Should an Essay or Research Paper be?

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How Long Should an Essay be:

Most of the students feel scared when it comes to writing an essay. The first thing they ask themselves is ” How long an essay should be? Well, the length of an essay varies according to requirements. I have been in research paper & Academic Writing for 4 years. Therefore students must be aware of the requirements before approaching for an essay. Hence, there are different lengths for different types of essays. For example, an Argumentative essay is a short essay that usually consists of five paragraphs.

Therefore, In this type of essay one paragraph is the introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and then the last one is the conclusion. But this one is just an example. Specific instructions are given by each professor.

How Long Should an Essay Be

How Long Should each section of the paper be?

Well, now I am going to explain the length of each type of essay. Moreover, You must pay special attention to each section of an essay. It is very important to be specific in writing each section but remember every essay must have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Moreover, Intro and Conclusion sections must be shorter than the Body.

Length of 1 Page Essay:

  • Introduction, 1 small paragraph)
  • Body A, 1 Paragraph
  • Body B, 1 Paragraph
  • Body C, 1 Paragraph
  • Conclusion, 1 small Paragraph

Length of 5 Page Essay:

  • Introduction, 150 words Paragraph
  • Body A, 1 complete page
  • Body B: 1 complete page
  • Body C: 1 complete page
  • Conclusion: 150 words

“How to Write a 10 Page Paper? explains the detailed step-by-step process to write a 10-page research paper. Therefore do read that article.

How will I know how long should an essay be?

If you belong to high school professors ask for a 3-5 page essay. In middle schools, professors ask for 2 pages of essays. When it comes to University Level high-level research papers are demanded by teachers approx 15-20 pages. Similarly, every institute has its own guidelines. Please carefully read the guidelines given by the professor.

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